Nika Helia Persson (they/them, b. 1986) is a designer and artist based in Gothenburg, Sweden. They work on commission with tools and methods from their background in conceptual art, design and photography. Thematically, the work often explores commonly perceived dichotomies, such as serious-jokingly and sublime-mundane.

They co-founded the design collaboration Being and A Drift—a playful exploration in and of public spaces. Some frequent clients include Valand Academy, Märta Måås-Fjetterström AB and Miriam Bäckström.


March 2018

Starts consulting for Swedish artist Miriam Bäckström to help develop overall production processes and collaborate on the development and production of several ongoing international art projects.

April 2017

Holds the lecture Buying Design Services as Artist together with Mikael Vesavuori for graduating students in Master of Fine Art at Valand Academy, University of Gothenburg.

April 2017

Participates in the festival Free! Music with A Drift in Temperaments — a variant of A Drift, originally created for w00t — Copenhagen Play Festival in 2014. The project was carried out together with Thom Kiraly, Mikael Vesavuori and Sebastian Quack. The festival was a part of a four-year project at HKW, 100 Years of Now, aiming to analyse the present through looking at past utopias. On occasion of the festival a micro site is launched, where instructions for A Drift can be found.

August 2016

Launches Hahaha, oh—a series of experiments in composition carried out in late 2016. The experiments set out to investigate how screen-based media in general, and flat interfaces in specific, relates to the experience of depth through various techniques of depicting or emulating three-dimensional space using two-dimensional media.

March 2016

Starts working as art director for image production studio MFX, working as liaison for client feedback and internal quality control. Leads development of visual, methodological and practical aspects of image production. Oversees studio and tools to optimise work efficiency and place the most suitable creative at the right project and position.

May 2016

Becomes board member and secretary of KRO/KIF Väst, the western branch of recently merged Swedish Artists' National Organization and Association of Swedish Craftsmen and Industrial Designers—the aim of which is to represent artists and designers located in western Sweden in political issues concerning the financial and social situation of artists and designers.

March 2016

Starts working as Art Director at production agency MFX, a position including art direction and client communication for still image production, but also visual and methodological development of image-making and production workflow.

November 2015

Leads the workshop Project Planning for Artists together with Mikael Vesavuori for graduating students in Bachelor of Fine Art at Valand Academy, University of Gothenburg.

June 2015

Co-founds the design collaboration Being together with Mikael Vesavuori, working with clients from the arts and a broader cultural field.

October 2014

Co-hosts the first public instance of A Drift in the section Games in Public Space, curated by Amani Naseem, at w00t — Copenhagen Play Festival. A Drift was conceptualized and developed together with Thom Kiraly and Mikael Vesavuori.

September 2013

Performs the work As If Discarded (or Unintentionally Forgotten) within the framework of the exhibition Some Kind of Exit, or Continuation, a part of GIBCA Extended 2013 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

July 2013

Exhibits as part in the group exhibition 24 Spaces—A Cacophony together with Fredrik Åkum at Malmö Konsthall.

June 2013

Receives a grant for artistic practice from Eric Ericsons Stiftelse.

June 2013

Receives a grant for artistic practice from Stiftelsen Lars och Yvonne Gurmunds stipendiefond.

June 2013

Graduates from Master of Fine Art (MA) program at Valand Academy, University of Gothenburg.

May 2013

Exhibits the work Untitled posters (November 2012-May 2013)at the group exhibition Frames and Stages at Göteborgs Konsthall.

May 2013

Publishes the poster-booklet It’s Not Exactly, consisting of four unique artist’s publication created for the exhibition Tricks, Rituals… at Valand Academy. The work was shown both in it’s billboard-sized poster form and as collated publication.

May 2013

Exhibits Uncommissioned Signs and Flagged Fool's Gold in the solo exhibition Tricks, Rituals… as a part of the Master's examination at Valand Academy.

June 2010

Graduates from Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) program at Malmö Art Academy (KHM), Lund University.

This website is based on Only, a framework developed by Being.